Our 6-Step Guide to Planning Your Destination Wedding...

Elizabeth Grace Couture guide to destination weddings

Destination weddings are on the rise and why not?

Many couples are choosing to exchange their vows on a tropical beach instead of in their hometown and we don’t blame them! Marrying abroad can involve just the two of you; a small selection of your favourite people; or enough guests to fill the whole beach. 

Where we’re based in Singapore, an obvious choice for us is to hop on a short flight to Bali. Look out for our next post on top tips for planning your Bali pre-wedding photoshoot ;)

Keep on reading now for our top tips on planning your destination wedding, including some advice from our own happy brides… 

1. Plan a preliminary trip

It’s obviously important to see where you want to get married before going ahead and tying the knot. Even if it’s your favourite holiday destination which you frequent every year, you should go again at least one more time to make some appointments with venues etc and suss out the wedding scene. It’s all well and good seeing a venue in pictures, but we all know there are ways to trick the camera and make things appear better than they really are! 

2. Make sure to choose a venue that will fit your needs

Ideally you’ll want your venue to have either onsite accommodation or ensure there’s plenty of availability elsewhere nearby for you and your guests (don’t forget about transport if this is the case!) Guests tend to expect everything to be organised for them and within a close vicinity when it comes to a destination wedding as they won’t necessarily be familiar with the area.

3. Hire a planner

Having a planner who is based at the location of your wedding or specialises in destination weddings is a must for those planning on marrying abroad. They can recommend vendors, help with any problem solving if they should arise (which hopefully they don’t!) and offer some great tips for your destination. Aside from those key points, having a planner will do nothing but help ease those stress levels during the build up to your big day!

4. Send save the dates earlier than a traditional wedding

Understandably, people need more notice when it comes to destination weddings so they can book enough time off work and make any necessary arrangements needed. This will be handy for them when booking accommodation too so they can get the best price - the earlier the better! Don’t forget that your guests might want to combine a holiday with your wedding so giving them a good 9-12 months notice is important. 

5. It’s not just a day

Depending how far you’ve decided to marry, you’d typically assume your guests will be joining you for at least a few days at your exotic wedding getaway. You almost have to think of it as a group vacation, so don’t forget to plan some other activities for you and your guests to enjoy. Some couples might choose to combine their stag and hen parties on the same trip to really extend the wedding fun! 

6. Know (and dress for) the weather

Finally, know what time of year is best for the weather! For example, a lot of people choose to get married outside school holidays to save on price. However, if you’re planning a Bali wedding for example, from October - April is their wet season (which is most of the time outside school holidays!) Don’t overlook this important factor!

Also, when choosing your dress keep the weather in mind. If you’re marrying somewhere tropical then think again about that traditional or heavily embellished wedding gown, go for light silks and tulle. Or if you’re travelling to cooler climates invest in layers that’ll keep you warm; faux furs, wraps and shawls are good options to stay warm but also in keeping with the bridal theme.

Here's a few of our own Elizabeth Grace Real Brides enjoying their destination weddings...

Elizabeth Grace Couture real bride getting married in Bali 
EGC real bride, Twinkle, getting married at the gorgeous Alila Villas in Uluwatu, Bali
Venue: https://www.alilahotels.com/uluwatu/weddings

Elizabeth Grace Couture real bride getting married in Barbados
EGC real bride, Christina, getting married in Barbados

Elizabeth Grace Couture real bride getting married in Bali
EGC real bride, Sarah, getting married at the stunning Villas Vedas in Bali
Venue: https://www.villavedasbali.com/

Have you attended or planned a destination wedding? We’d love to hear where you’ve been and what was your favourite part?
Also, don’t forget to check back in a few days for our next feature on How to Plan Your Pre-Wedding Photoshoot...in BALI! Here's a sneak peak of what's to come...

Elizabeth Grace Couture wedding gown on location in Bali

Photography by Wanderlust Dream