Inside Ellie Goulding’s FOUR Dress Changes At Her Royal-Style Wedding… But Could She Have Worn Just ONE?

Inside Ellie Goulding’s FOUR Dress Changes At Her Royal-Style Wedding… But Could She Have Worn Just ONE?

Ellie Goulding and new husband Jaspar Jopling have taken over the news for the last few days with their lavish star-studded wedding, and down at Elizabeth Grace HQ’s we haven’t been able to keep our eyes off her stunning dresses!

And now the full details of the luxurious bash have finally been revealed and it turns out Ellie changed into a whopping FOUR DRESSES on her big day!

But… we’re wondering if instead of buying four different gowns, could Ellie have chosen one transformation gown that could have given her multiple looks without all the hassle of changing four times??

Let’s take a peek at her dress extravaganza…


Ellie started off with a traditional high-necked Chloé gown that apparently took 640 hours to make!
Ellie Goulding on her wedding day wearing Chloe dress


She next swapped it for a tight, off-the-shoulder Stella McCartney number. (Which everyone is commenting on how it reminded them of Meghan Markle's iconic wedding gown…)
Ellie Goulding and Meghan Markle wearing similar wedding gowns


Her third outfit was a heavily beaded capelet from Ralph & Russo over a white skirt, matching it with a sparkling headband for the evening.
Ellie Goulding wearing Ralph & Russo caplet over a white skirt on her wedding day


She then finally changed into a stylish mini dress from Balmain with rounded tulle sleeves.
Ellie Goulding wearing Balmain white dress with rounded sleeves

We are LOVING all these looks but can’t help and think that all these outfit changes must take up a lot of precious time that you should be spending celebrating?

Well, we’ve figured out the solution to this problem…


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