Elizabeth Grace Couture on Sustainability & Social Responsibility

The bridal industry is one of the biggest contributors of the linear economy, or the "TAKE, MAKE, USE, DISPOSE" way of thinking. 

We are trying to pioneer a positive change within the bridal industry and move it into the circular economy. Or the "REUSE, RECYCLE, REPAIR, REFURBISH" way of thinking instead.


All of our gowns are designed with the thought that they can be worn again. We believe that the wedding gown shouldn't only be worn once. Not only is it a waste of resources, it's a waste of a beautiful design which had months of workmanship put into it. We want our brides to be able integrate their bridal look into their wardrobe so they can wear a part of their wedding day forever.


We offer our brides an opportunity to use our boutique as a marketplace for their worn wedding dresses. Any of our brides who don't feel like they will wear their wedding gown/separates again, are welcome to stock their pieces here for free while we re-advertise it as "pre-loved". For further details, click here.


Another service we offer is rental. With the fashion industry's CO2 emissions rising to nearly 2.8 billion tonnes per year, everyone can do their part to help bring this number down by not promoting this "one-wear garment" mentality. Rental is a great way to give a product a longer lifetime value.


Another option for our brides who worry they won't wear their wedding gown again... We offer a free service for our previous customers to re-tailor their wedding gown into something they will wear again. We still offer this service to brides who haven't purchased with us, but for a small fee.


For further information on any of our services, please email