About Elizabeth

Once upon a time.....

Following my heart mostly got me in trouble as a child.  I would go missing for hours, exploring fields, watching ocean sunsets, meeting my best friend on horseback and galloping across mountains from dawn to dusk. I was always a dreamer, a wander, an adventurous risk taker.

One of my favourite summer memories was stumbling across a quaint little wood.  I felt like I had discovered my own fairytale.   I climbed a tree and sat in the branches for hours before carving a shape of heart into the bark.  I wanted to leave my mark of love in this world forever.....

Today, I might not look so little anymore but I am still that girl, exploring and pushing boundaries. With designing I have found a new way to leave my mark of love!  

I am passionate for all my designs to tell a story. To capture romance, ignite passion and inspire adventure. It is so important to me that all women feel their own beauty and be the star of their own unique fairytale and of course, live happily ever after....


Elizabeth Grace Couture


Why settle for "The One" when you can have it all in one...

Established in 2015 by founder, Elizabeth Grace, we strive to push the boundaries of traditional bridal and offer our brides an experience they’ll never forget. The brand was created after Elizabeth’s own struggles as a bride and the pressures of dress shopping to find “The One”, so she decided to design her own multi-functional gown that could transform into 3 different looks throughout her day. Ultimately, she created “The All in One” gown as opposed to “The Only One” gown.


We believe in making a difference with sustainable bridal

Consumers today are more conscientious about their purchases and this is transpiring into the bridal world. The modern day bride is smarter and savvier, she wants a dress that will live beyond the wedding day and last a lifetime. One of our core values here at Elizabeth Grace is the environment and sustainability. By carefully choosing a gown that can be re-worn as an evening dress, or bridal separates that can be coordinated with your own wardrobe, our brides are doing their part in reducing the needless waste of fashion and keeping our world sustainable



Innovative 3D Design and Technology.

 Here,at Elizabeth Grace we use high tech 3D scanning technology in order to achieve the perfect fit. Elizabeth believes that we should all appreciate time in our lives as it is precious. By opting to use this technology we can give our brides the exceptional gift of time by having half the normal amount of required fittings.

This technology creates an exact 3D printed replica of your body that Elizabeth and her team of expert tailors can work continuously from, achieving more precise and flattering fits. Our pieces are made to fit you, not the other way around! 



Our final belief, and the most important one, is love. Elizabeth and her team are passionate about love and believe that the modern day fairytale does exist. A woman shouldn’t lose her identity through marriage, this isn’t the end of her old life but more the start of another exciting journey with her partner by her side.


Be Part of the Story

We strive to bring a unique experience to the modern bride. Partnering a sense of freedom, adventure, strength and social responsibility. Amplify her splendour on their special day, our brides become part of our movement whilst creating their own socially conscious modern day love story.

Love, Elizabeth Grace xoxo