About Elizabeth Grace

Established in 2015 by founder and designer, Elizabeth Grace, the brand was created after Elizabeth’s own struggles as a bride and the pressures of dress shopping to find “The One”.
So, she decided to design her own multifunctional gown that could transform into 3 different looks throughout her day and then be integrated into her wardrobe and worn again after her wedding. Ultimately, she created “The All in One” gown as opposed to “The Only One” gown.
What We Do 
We are a passionate, sustainable bridal brand pioneering a positive change within the bridal industry. We are focusing on what happens AFTER the wedding day, which is what truly matters.
We believe that the wedding gown – the most expensive gown a woman will ever buy – shouldn’t only be worn once. 
We want our brides to be able to integrate their bridal look into their wardrobe so they can wear a part of their wedding day forever instead of it wasting away in storage or worse, thrown out.
How do we do this?
Each design is transformational. This means they can seamlessly come apart to create different looks.
The base components of our dresses can be re-worn after the wedding day.
For any one-piece gown we design, we offer a free tailoring service to alter it into an evening or cocktail gown for our brides.
We offer both made-to-measure and RTW so our brides are fully in control.
Every piece in our collection is designed with the thought that it can be worn again. The world is changing and consumers are becoming more conscious about what they’re buying and how it’s affecting our planet. 
We want to move away from this “one-wear garment” mentality. By situating ourselves between “bridal” and “fashion”, we can achieve this.
Who is Elizabeth Grace?
Growing up in Ireland, following my heart mostly got me in trouble as a child. I would go missing for hours, exploring fields, watching ocean sunsets, meeting my best friend on horseback, and galloping across mountains from dawn to dusk. 
One of my favorite summer memories was stumbling across a quaint little wood. I felt like I had discovered my own fairytale. I climbed a tree and sat in the branches for hours before carving a shape of heart into the bark. I wanted to leave my mark of love in this world forever.....
Today, I might not look so little anymore but I am still that girl, exploring and pushing boundaries. With designing, I have found a new way to leave my mark of love!  
I am passionate for all my designs to tell a story. To capture the romance, ignite passion and inspire adventure. It is so important to me that all women feel their own beauty and be the star of their own unique fairytale and of course, live happily ever after.....